Homeopathic Beer

Do you like beer?

Do you spend more on beer than you would like to spend?

Do you get hangovers?

Well, the Faculty of Drinking at the University of Brahms and Liszt has developed a commercially available solution – Homeopathic Beer!

Some beer yesterday

How does it work?  Well, using proven homeopathic techniques, the beer is gradually symbiosed with water during a 10-phase filtration process.  The resulting beer does not in fact contain any beer, but the water remembers the beer’s molecular structure.
The result?  You can get as merry as you like but avoid:

  • hangovers
  • spending lots of money
  • smelling like a brewery
  • putting on weight

What could be better?  You simply drop a Homeopathic Beer tablet into a cartridge attached to your water supply and – hey presto!  A free, unlimited supply of beer! Price: 10p for 1000 tablets.  Whisky version available soon!


Disclaimer: the University of Brahms and Liszt does not accept any responsibility for the fact that you are actually drinking water which neither tastes nor looks like beer.  Some customers may notice that they don’t get even a little bit sozzled.  Cartridge costs £2.50 + £7500 one-off fitting cost